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Rissland Kunststoffe GmbH

Technical Equipment

Rissland Kunststoffe make top-quality plastic pellets, compounds, grist, and agglomerates on customer request using 5 extruders, 5 mills and one agglomarator.

One mill each is connected before the three extruders and can either directly grind into the storage silo of the respective extruder or is also appropriate for filling into oktabins and big bags. Our Herbold 60/100 mills are very robust and of high performance. Mills of the same design have a throughput of about 400 – 800 kg/h depending on the material and grain size required. Plastic film, industrial waste, parts, lumps etc. are ground.

We have 3 guillotines of a cutting width of about 2,000 mm for preparation works, such as crushing big parts, lumps or plastic film reels.

Our 5 extruders can nearly regranulate everything on the plastics waste market, such as high-quality plastic pellets and compounds, which are made by our
3 double worm extruders and 2 one worm extruders.

Our Leistritz one worm extruders (worm diameter 150 mm, 2 storage silos, one colour dosing unit, one additional dosing unit, stuffing unit, 2 degasification zones, screen changer) are mainly used for making PE- and PP-pellets from clean film waste/production waste.

Our Leistritz and Ermafa double worm extruders are mainly used for making high-quality plastic pellets and compounds.

The Leistritz line is a 70 double worm extruder with 4 dosing units, 3 degasification zones, one side supply unit, one continuous double bolt screen changer, 4 m water bath and string granulator. This line is especially used for smaller orders, since it has very short switch over periods.

The two Ermafa lines have been in use in our factory since the beginning of 2002. Both lines are 95 double worm extruders with 5 dosing units, one stuffing unit and one storage silo with discharging worm, 3 degasification zones, 2 side supplies,
2 pumps, continuous double bolt screen changer, 10 and 12 m water bath and string granulator. Having these lines we are very well equipped for your big orders.

Different material bulk densities can be processed in these plants. Eight vacuum conveyors, one worm conveyor and one conveyor belt are available for material conveyance.

Glass, minerals and other additives can be added to our compounds by means
of our 3 double worm extruders at the same time.

Our Condux agglomerator compresses badly pourable materials such as flakes,
mill dust, plastic film shreds and monofilament grist.

Three mixing silos of a capacity of 63 – 82 m³ each process homogenous raw material. In addition, we have one silo where the silo trains can be charged with finished products below the silo.

For properly preparing for instance PA or PET of too a high residual moisture we have a dry air drier and a cristallizer as through drier having throughputs
of 500 – 800 kg/h depending on the moisture and condition of the grist.

Our average annual production is 16,000 t plastic pellets and compounds,
1,800 t grist and 1,200 t agglomerate.

You are welcomed to use the free capacities of our plants.

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