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1972 Gründung

Manfred Leibold, a trained draper, has proven courage and vision when he started recycling plastic windows and making granules for the toy and coat hanger production in Bruchsal in Baden in 1972.

> Manfred Leibold, founder of the company

Leibold Firmengründer Manfred Leibold

Having a Vision for a clean recycling Future

„Recycling plastics as a cost-efficient alternative for the plastic processing industry and as contribution to an economic and efficient recycling management.“ This vision was the basis for the company history of „Schwarzataler Kunststoffe“ 35 years ago.

Quality management and high readiness for innovation made the “Schwarzataler Kunststoff GmbH” one of the market leaders in material recycling.


he „Manfred Leibold – Kunststoffe“ company expanded at a new location, in Freystadt, Upper Palatinate.


Manfred Leibold acquired the factory site and buildings of the former „Schwarzataler Fruchtsaft- und Verpackungsmittel GmbH“ in the Thuringian Katzhuette after the reunification of Germany.



After having changed the name into „Schwarzataler Kunststoff GmbH“ Manfred Leibold started the production with two mills and two extruders. Processing bottles from the stock of Germany’s “green point” dual system extended the range of products at the end of 1993.


In 1992 Manfred Leibold employed Corinna Rissland as his right hand. She started working as works manager and was responsible for customer service and purchases.


Manfred Leibold’s quality awareness and readiness for innovation contributed to the success of the company. The company was certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9002 quality management system in May 1997 and was recognized as waste disposal company according to § 52 KRW1/AbfG2.


The very good use to capacity in Katzhuette was the decisive factor in 1998 to invest DM 38m into the new production site near Eisfeld. 88 new workplaces were created in the region. After its start in October 1998 “Schwarzataler Kunstoff GmbH” continued working on an expansion path.


In September 2001 one of the biggest and most modern bottle finishing plants of Germany was opened in presence of the Thuringian Minister for Economy Franz Schuster. Short time later the plastic film processing line was extended from an input capacity of 15,000 t up to 40,000 t.


Manfred Leibold died in June 2002 shortly after the ceremonies on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the company.


Corinna Rissland continued working as managing director of the „Schwarzataler Kunststoff GmbH“ together with her managing partner H. Scheuring.


Insolvency of the „Schwarzataler Kunststoff GmbH“.


Spinning-off of the Eisfeld location and managing the Katzhuette and Eisfeld locations as independent companies.

Team Katzhütte


In September 2007 Corinna Rissland got the award for buying the „Schwarzataler Kunststoff GmbH“. She founded the “Rissland Kunststoffe GmbH” together with two other partners. .

1 Kreislaufwirtschaft = Recycling Management
2 Waste Management Law

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